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Aspen has a robust recruitment process where we carefully vet our potential carers. Our induction course takes about 3 months to complete which includes a strict training programme and competency in each area. Before a carer is allowed to work on their own with a client, they work alongside one of our experienced, senior carers.

The majority of the staff we recruit have years of experience and we have a very low turnover of staff.

It is vital that our clients and carers get on well. However, If there is an incompatibility issue, we will change carers as soon as we can.

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Most of our carers have been with us for years! Fortunately, we have lots of people coming to us for work and we don’t suffer the recruitment issues that a lot of domiciliary care companies currently experience.

We have a responsive monitoring system and the carers are monitored weekly when we visit them and our clients. This is not in a structured way – the last thing we want our clients to feel is that their house is an extension of our office! We love visiting our clients and carers for a cuppa and a chat! They also have 4 formal supervisions a year and an appraisal, apart from the ongoing training and competencies.

Carers require a bedroom, small space in a fridge and shelf in a cupboard for groceries. There is no charge towards the carers food, but we pay the carers a weekly food allowance.

The structure of the day is designed to suit you and your needs. Care activities, meal preparation, housework / laundry, companionship etc., usually take up most of the working day. The carer will require a two hour break where she/he will be able to leave the house, this is at a time that suits you.

We treat our carers with respect and enjoy excellent communication with them.  We are one happy family!

If you would like to join our family please contact us.

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