Chronic Conditions

Aspen Care have many years of experience working with people who have a variety of chronic conditions such as Parkinsons, MND, M.S., and more.

We understand the importance of independence and the need to remain in control of your own life.

At Aspen we treat our clients and our carers as individuals respecting their preferences, choices and values.

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Remaining at home with its familiar environment, in the care of our skilled staff who can support you to continue life on your own terms respectfully.  Our carers understand the need for privacy and will not invade your space.

There may be a variety of equipment that is required to manage day to day living, and assistance may be needed for catheters, PEG’s, Stoma’s etc, all of which our care staff are proficient at.

We keep up with the latest information from the societies and associations that are involved with these conditions.

We look forward to hearing from you and explaining more about our services.

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